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My Animal Story 

My enthusiasm for animals started at a very young age. Whenever I would get asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would always say “a vet” - unaware of what the obligations of being a vet would involve and just thinking it meant I got to play with animals all day! This being said, my passion for animals didn’t ever fade and it wasn’t until 2018 that I decided I was going to try and pursue a career working with animals, which meant going back to college and gaining qualifications...

My time at Bishop Burton College was amazing, I completed an access to HE course in Land Based Skills - Animal and was even present with student of the year award! In the space of one year I learnt so much, both practical and theoretical skills. Of course, the practical sessions were my favourite! Completing husbandry duties, they gave me the opportunity to learn about and engage with a wide range of species, too many to list, but here are some photos of just some of the animals, from my time there.

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Oakwood Dog Rescue - Bertha.JPG

Not long after college, my interest had turned to animal rescue, this was especially influenced by going on a holiday and seeing an abundance of stray dogs and cats, something which I had not experienced first-hand before. I was deeply disturbed by the vision of this and from then on I started to research more into animal rescue, which led me to Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull. I completed voluntary work there on a weekly basis for over a year, the care they provide for the dogs there is second to none. They specialise in rescuing dogs from Romania, a place which is overrun with stray dogs. Seeing the transformation in the dogs from when they first arrive at the centre to finding their forever home is incredibly humbling! 

Oakwood Dog Rescue - Fat Max.JPG
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Aside from the experience I gained from Bishop Burton College and volunteering, I have owned a variety of pets throughout my life including: gerbils, rats, a degu, cats and dogs. At present I currently own a Border Terrier and a Horsfield tortoise, they are my world! and in my spare time you will find me either watching animal rescue videos (trying not to cry) and visiting zoo’s.

All in all, I have been blessed with knowing what my true passion in life is but to also have a career in that passion, running my own dog walking and pet sitting business, is definitely a bonus!

Thank you for reading!

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