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Why Choose Mooches 4 Pooches?

Mooches 4 Pooches is a unique 1-2-1 dog walking service. I understand that dogs come with all different types of personalities and needs. I pride myself on making your pooches safety my top priority and I believe that your pooch (or pooches!) should have a personable and enjoyable experience on their walk and that is why I only conduct solo walks and never mix dogs from other households.

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What are the Benefits of 1-2-1 Walks?

Well there's plenty! Providing your pooch with a 1-2-1 walk means that I can tailor my service to your pooches needs. This can be especially beneficial for puppies, older dogs and dogs that may be anxious. 1-2-1 walks means that your pooch will have my undivided attention at all times. Other benefits of 1-2-1 walks include:  

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- Lots of fun and playtime

- A safer environment for your pooch 

- Less time in the car, more time on the ground

- Any training commitments you may be doing can be reinforced

- Less risk of catching diseases or illnesses

- More ground covered on walks 

- Less risk of injury

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Prices start from £11

Get in

touch NOw!

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Mooches 4 Pooches promises to:

- Provide a professional and ethical service

- Enforce a safe environment for your pooch and prioritise their welfare and well-being at all costs

- Use biodegradable waste bags

- Work with integrity and be courteous and honest with clients

- Follow and abide to relevant laws and legislation's

 pertaining to services offered

- Remain respectful to their competitors and will not partake in any slander or defamation towards them

- Keep personal details safe

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“Synthia's service has been second to none! She is completely trustworthy and reliable. Our dog is very energetic but is always settled and happy when we get home from work. He absolutely loves his walks and truly adores her! would 100% recommend to anybody” - Dan & Nel


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